Set after phantom menace and before the clone wars.
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 Character Professions

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Jedi/Sith are Force sensitive beings that can use their Force powers to overcome and control their enemies. Jedi/Sith can also master the art of fighting with a lightsaber. Force sensitive individuals feel a connection to the energy that surrounds all living things and binds the galaxy together.


  • Lightsaber Combat
  • Force Powers
  • Force Defense
  • Force Knowledge

Bounty Hunter

Bounty hunters chase the worst foes in the galaxy. These mercenaries learn to use whatever dirty tricks necessary to bring the prey down.

When someone needs an enemy taken care of, they hire bounty hunters to do their dirty work. Tracking down and eliminating people are what bounty hunters do best. As a bounty hunter, you must learn the tricks of ambush and assault so your prey does not escape.


  • Ranged Combat
  • Bounty Hunting
  • Melee Combat
  • Capture Techniques


Smugglers make their living dealing with the scum and villainy of the galaxy. While moving stolen goods, having a blaster at your side and knowing how to get out of sticky situations will keep you alive.

Smugglers can fight without weapons as easily as with a pistol. Who knows when a cantina disagreement will get ugly? With the smuggler's clientele, you would be wise to know how and when to fight dirty.


  • Melee Combat
  • Ranged Combat
  • Dirty Tricks Techniques
  • Fence Goods

Some operatives favor subtlety over grandiose pistol-waving intimidation. Spies use their training to blend in with a crowd, sneaking up quietly on targets to accomplish their missions. As they are often on their own, spies have a rudimentary knowledge of first aid to keep themselves alive.


  • Ranged Combat
  • Stealth and Sneak
  • Assassinate
  • Stealing


Need an AT-ST destroyed? Call a commando! Need a base blown up? The commando is the one for you!

A true combat specialist, the commando uses heavy weaponry and demolitions to break through resistance. Whether you prefer to get in close or fight at range, commandos wreak havoc with their powerful weapons.


  • Heavy Weapons Combat
  • Grenades
  • Demolitions Techniques


Medics use the powerful healing properties of bacta to keep others alive before, during, and after combat. Their remarkable knowledge of anatomy and medicines allow them to counter the detrimental effects of toxins, diseases, and vertigo.

The nature of war dictates that medics also know how to fight. Some medics use their medicinal knowledge to poison or disease while others fight with blasters.


  • Ranged Combat
  • Healing
  • Poisons and Diseases
  • Revive
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Character Professions
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